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June 2017 – End of season

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The season has unfortunately already ended this year. This is mostly due to the warm weather that occurred a few weeks ago. Because of the warm weather the early and late blooming varieties of peony started blooming closely together. After the warm weather there was rainy weather and hard wind which tore apart our Peony Showgarden. Honey bees made place for black flies. The garden has unfortunately seen better days which made us decide to close the garden for the rest of 2017.

We would like to thank all our visitors for showing their appreciation. We would also like to thank our volunteers and sponsors for their contribution. Thanks to them the Peony showgarden was once again a huge success this year.

Unfortunately we’re going to take a leave for a year. As you might be aware we are going to be spending the coming year on moving the Peony Showgarden, but we’re expecting that the doors will once again open in 2019 at a different location. Where and when the new opening will happen will be posted on our website

June 2017

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Like the previous year, the bloom has been accelerated for the entire garden by the warm weather of recent weeks. You can view this in our photo gallery. There are only a few peonies still in bud. It is therefore expected that the season will come to an end within the next 2 weeks. If you still want to visit us, I recommend that you do this within these two weeks. Take advantage of this unique opportunity because our doors will be closed the next year due to a move. The new Peony Showgarden will open it’s doors after 2 years.

May 2017

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The first peonies begin to flourish in our Peony Showgarden. Most of the plants are not yet in bloom due to the cold weather of the past weeks. The expectation is that they will start to bloom in a few days when the temperature rises. For a current overview of our Peony Showgarden, I would like to refer you to our photo gallery. Here you will find an overview of the garden is in its current state.

We welcome you to our Peony Showgarden. If you would like to make an appointment you can contact Richard by phone at +316-13144202, you can also mail to

End of the season 2016

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The most Peonies are finished with blooming. We have closed our doors for visitors.

We welcome you again in the spring of 2017

April 2016

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Spring has started. The first Peonies shows themselves. It grows fast. The name plates are placed and the doors are opened. For the opening hours, please check the contact information on our website.  If you want to visit the show garden outside these hours, please contact us. We can see if we can arrange this for you. The latest photo updates are available here.