Rolinka Harlaar

February 2019

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We cannot announce the new location for our the Peony Show Garden yet. At the moment, we are collection varieties from all over the world so we can show you a complete collection of the peony market.

April 2018

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Unfortunately we cannot announce the new location of Peony Showgarden 2.0 yet. The material has been planted on a temporarely location where visitors cannot be received. We will inform you about the Peony Showgarden as soon as posssible.

March 2018

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Soon we will announce the location of the new Peony Showgarden 2.0. During the coming weeks the material will be replanted. The new plot is much bigger than the old garden and can therefore be set up more spaciously. Furthermore, there is also made room for an office with reception and enough parking. Much still needs be done but everthing will be all right.

January 2018

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Outside it is extremely wet. Our Peony showgarden does not have any problems with this. The plants are kept at one of the growers in the cold storage. About 1000 varieties are packed in 10 cubic boxes. All material is treated with hot water and stored in the large boxes. Fresh and fruity, labeled per bag.

September 2017 – cleaning up the old location

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The end of Peony Show Garden 1.0 is coming. Within 7 days we have cleared the Garden thanks to the support of our team and a few growers. We couldn’t have done it without them. We have kept 5 pieces of each variety for the new Peony Show Garden 2.0. These will be preserved during winter.