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May 2023

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The largest Peony collection of the world is blooming now. Ones a year you get the change to visit our Showgarden. Why wait? We’re about halfway with the flowering season.
The Hybrids are already gone. But we have a lot of Lactiflora’s still to come.
If you want to visit our Show Garden please contact us to make an appointment. The dates change during the season.

April 2023

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We started planting in the fall of 2019 so now the first batch is 4 years old.
We can show mature plants of about 4.000 varieties and seedlings.
The first flowers bloom since April 26. The Peony season started late but now we are ready to welcome visitors.
The name tags are placed again and the driplines have been installed on the new field.
If you want to visit our Show Garden please contact us to make an appointment. The dates change during the season.

November 2022

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This autumn again a large number of varieties were planted at Peony Showgarden Holland.

With an expansion of no less than 300 varieties of the latest material, the collection is becoming more and more complete.

The Showgarden now covers 1.5 hectares.

We are happy to welcome you in the spring of 2023 to show you the largest collection of Peonies in the world.

June 1, 2022

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Peony Showgarden Holland is running at the end.

In a beautiful season, the flowering of the “late” peonies continues steadily.

Although the Showtuin started a little later, it was still an early year.

Soon the garden will close again.

May 2022

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The garden can now be admired in all its glory.

There are a lot of new seedlings and several new “colors” coming up.

We have already welcomed many visitors. You’re coming too, right?

April 2022

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Flowering starts slowly. We expect the 1th flowering peonies in mid-April.


24 March 2022

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The growth of the peony plants is relatively early this year.
We have had beautiful weather for weeks with lots of sunlight.
This is reflected in the quality of the plants.
All nameplates are back in the right place.
The Show Garden is now open by appointment.
Please visit our contact page for exact opening times.

June 2021

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Al floral splendor is gone.

This means the end of the season and Peony Showgarden Holland is therefore closed.


Wij expect to reopen the Showgarden in mid-April 2022.

But at R2 Flowers BV you are always welcome for a cup of coffee and a good conversation about peonies.

May 2021

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The Showgarden is now starting to bloom nicely. The crop is in good condition.
The visitors can’t believe their eyes.
If you would like to admire the Showgarden yourself, you can make an appointment.
During the indicated opening days you can also come by without an appointment.


April 13th, 2021

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In Holland we say: “April does what it wants!”

Night frost, hail and storm alternated by the sun.

Nevertheless, the development is steady. Here in Salland we are in any case developing ahead of
North Holland and possibly even ahead of the south of the country.
The visitors who pass by leave with a smile on their face.
It’s really worth stopping by.
The vegetation is very important, especially for many flower cutters.

As already indicated, the weather in early spring is not always good.
Then an early variety can also grow a bit later.