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March 26th, 2021

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The name tags have now been placed and the garden is ready for visitors.

As of today Peony Showgarden Holland is open
by appointment:

Every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

You can contact one of the brokers of R2 Flowers B.V.

March 8th, 2021

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The growth of the peonies has started at a normal time this year. Due to the frost period, the plants did not emerge too early. That gave us time to cover the plants with a layer of solid fertilizer, compost and a mulch against the weeds. The drip line is below the leaf material. As soon as the crop emerges, the name tags will be placed and the garden is ready again for reception during coming season .

We are looking forward to welcome you.

February 2021

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The Peony Show Garden is covered with snow

After a few warm winterperiods there was finally some snow and frost in the Netherlands.

Last autumn the Show Garden was expanded again with dozens of species and seedlings.

In the meantime, these are nicely rooted in the ground.

June 2020

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Unfortunately the flowering period is over but the plants themselves continues to grow.
Last season went well.

The doors of the Show Garden are now closed. On to next year!
In mid-April 2021, Peony Showgarden Holland will open its doors again.
By then the opening hours will be announced via this site.

Of Course you are welcome to visit R2 Flowers B.V. by appointment.

Richard Jong
Intermediair/ Manager R2 Flowers B.V.

Tel: +31 (0) 6 13 14 42 02 / mail:

Twentseweg 67

8154 HJ  Lemelerveld


May 2020

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The Peony Showgarden blossoms beautifully.

Some of the plants are planted undivided. This results in the appearance of mature plants in the first year. We are not expecting a lot of visitors this year. The visitors want to come but they are not allowed to visit the garden with many by once. This means that there is enough space for you as a peony lover.
You can make an appointment with your R2 Flowers BV Intermediary to walk around the garden together.
Coffee is ready.

April 2020

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The Showgarden is open! Peony Showgarden Holland likes to welcome you.

Our Showgarden is starting to get beautiful. The first peonies are now blooming.
We are working hard to keep the garden in optimal condition. The dripline is also working as expected.

We are open by appointment for small groups of visitors.
We kindly request you to observe the safety regulations applicable in the field when you visit the garden.

February 2020

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After the Peony Showgarden Holland was removed in September 2017, we are proud to announce that the Peony Showgarden is planted at the new location. At Twentseweg 67 in Lemelerveld you can admire the existing as well as new varieties of Peonies.

We expect to open mid-April 2020.

Through our contact page we will keep you informed of the opening hours.

March 2020

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Spring has started   –   Several peonies are already growing   –   A mulch layer is applied to control weeds

Planting Peony Showgarden 2.0

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At this moment we are planting Peony Showgarden 2.0 somewhere in Overijssel (The Netherlands).

Approximately 1 ha is planted: existing assortment supplemented with the latest seedlings from different breeders from various countries.

Peony Showgarden 2.0

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In the beginning of november we will start to plant the Showgarden on our new location. More information about the exact location will follow during the next months. Keep an eye on our site! It promises to be an extensive Showgarden.